2) Customized approach

Show on your exhibition stand that the product can be customized for this particular client- today everyone wants to buy unique solutions that will be developed specifically for him or her.


3) Social Networks and Applications

The representative of the customer or buyer still stays a human. Involve him to take a photo on your stand and make simple applications to post photos on social networks and collect contacts – today the virtual “rating” of your brand will not only popularize it, but also push your visitor make a purchase from you, based on public opinion.


4) Video

Give information about your brand extremely quickly to the buyer. He will not spend much time on you today: in the world of hypertrophied information flows only a laconic video will help.


5) VIP Club

Your product is from premium segment? Close your stand from the aisles to cut the crowd free entrance. Make admission inside only through controlled points.

Your customer need to feel his value. Once inside, a potential client will count on the same VIP attitude and surroundings. Keep the brand.


6) Social responsibility.

Working on planet preservation for further generations – show it to your customer.

It is more pleasant to shop, knowing that part of the margin goes to support social or environmental programs. This can be a significant factor to choose a partner.


Visit EuroShop exhibition, which takes place in Düsseldorf in February 2020 to learn more about new trends in retail and stores.


We are looking forward to new Euroshop edition to see the development of this market and new exhibiting and retail technologies.


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